Business Reputation: 5 Strong Ways To Build it

Business reputation

A business needs to be aware of how it is perceived and keep a finger on the pulse of public opinion. This needs to be under constant surveillance to ensure a company or brand is not unfairly represented in customers’ perceptions. So how do you go about managing and building an excellent business reputation?
This post will sure guide you along on key steps..

4 key steps on how to optimize your use of technology

optimize your use of technology

Out of the world’s 7.942 billion population, an estimated 5 billion individuals are already using the internet; which is 63 percent of the global population.
Advanced technologies powered by innovation are already upon us. And the way we currently utilize technologies negatively or positively affects our lifestyle and as well as productivity.
This post presents key strategies to optimize your use of technology. It also gives insights on how to declutter some digital processes and keep them simple in the digital World.